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Do you play poker, roulette, scratch lottery cards, play slot machines or bet on sports?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you are a gambler. So the next question or questions you need to ask yourself are:

Do I gamble frequently? Is my gambling compulsive?

Does my gambling cause problems financially, in my relationships, at my place of employment?

These are tough questions to ask and it is even tougher to be completely honest with yourself in answering them.

Signs and Symptoms of Gambling

Is your gambling under control? Whether you are gambling daily, frequently or infrequently, are you spending more than you can afford?

Are you taking money out of savings accounts to gamble?

Have you remortgaged your home to pay debts because you have gambled your regular income? If you answered yes to any of these questions you could have a gambling addiction.

Are you secretive about your gambling?

If you sneak around to gamble, avoid spending time at home, lie to your spouse about where you have been and what you have been doing, you could have a gambling addiction.

Are family and friends worried about you?

Has your spouse, parents or friends expressed concern about the gambling you do? If so, there is good reason to suspect that you could have a gambling addiction.

Does gambling cause problems for you?

If gambling is causing problems in your relationships, straining or destroying your finances, affecting your employment then you could have a gambling addiction.


Laser66 offers an effective treatment for gambling! Laser therapy will effectively interact with your central nervous system which will cause the release of your body’s own chemicals which will block the cravings for your gambling addiction.

Secondly we will use a patented and proven psychological approach that will help you dissociate your brain from gambling. We will help you identify your triggers and teach how to deal with those triggers. This is a life long tool that will be effective in helping you quit your addiction forever.

Laser66 has treated many gamblers with great success. So if you feel you have a gambling problem and you would like to be free from the addiction, then please contact us for a consultation and current pricing.