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Weight Loss

I have tried almost every diet out there from South Beach to Atkins to Ideal Protein. I seemed to have temporary success with each one, however, just a few short months after stopping these diets the weight just piled back on. I heard about the weight loss program and decided to give it a try. The laser curbed my appetite and I seemed to have more energy. In 4 months I lost 34 pounds and achieved my goal weight. I was ecstatic, but worried that after I stopped doing the laser therapy I would put the weight back on. No!! The weight has stayed off. Laser66 teaches you how to eat properly and control your weight. Im very pleased with the results and confident that I can maintain my goal weight. Thanks Laser66, I've never looked better!


The laser made it easy to follow the food program.  There were no cravings.  I ate healthy food and wasn't tempted by junk food.  I was also able to cut back on the amount of food I ate.  I lost weight even though I was unable to do much exercising.  I would recommend this program to anyone who has difficulty sticking to a healthy diet.  You still have to do the work - the laser just makes it easier to do.


I would just like to thank Laser 66 for the help I needed in making a lifestyle change.
I have had a weight problem my entire adult life and have tried many times to lose weight. I have been somewhat successful in losing the weight but not in keeping it off.

Laser 66 has given me the tools to not just lose the weight but to change my eating lifestyle, so I now know how to keep it off.

I took the supplements and the laser treatments and I am following the diet plan. I am well on my way to achieving my weight goal.

Thanks again for the help.



The laser treatment is very relaxing when you are doing it and the special place that we create in our heads really works. Plus my special place is one that I can actually go to when ever I want. I used the special place a few times at the beginning but have no need to anymore. I feel really good and haven't even put alot of weight on. I gained 7 lbs. but I know that I have been eating more. I am really glad that I decided to try your program. So is my family. It is well worth the price and hour of my time. I have told everyone that has asked what I did to quit & how well it has worked for me.
Your laser program works great! I have now been 102 days smoke free.


Worth every penny so far... no side effects, and laughed myself to sleep the first night. De-stress and stop smoking at the same time, and learn to cope as well... I don't know that I can write a better testimonial. It was put to the test today, and I snapped my band, and went on my merry way. Ordinarily I would have needed to stuff something disgusting in my mouth. NOT today. Thank you laser 66!


Before I came to Laser66 I was a smoker and for the most part really enjoyed smoking. In September of 2010 after being told by my gynecologist months earlier that I could not have children, the unexpected happened and I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I both knew I needed to quit smoking for the health of our unborn baby. I attempted to quit on my own many times but met with unsuccessful results. I then heard about Laser66 and their 98% success rate for quitting smoking. So in October of 2010 I decided to give it a try. One hour and one treatment later I was a non-smoker. It is now January 2015 and I am still quit. My son and I are much healthier because of it.
Thank you Laser66


I was one of Laser66’s very first patients. I had tried the patch, champix, zyban, quitting cold turkey and other methods. Nothing worked! After getting the laser done, I noticed that I felt different. I seemed more calm. What really surprised me was my cravings to smoke were all but gone. Its been 6 years now and I haven’t looked back. Thanks Laser66!



I look back at my life 4 years ago and now realize what a serious alcohol problem I really had. It was affecting my relationship with my wife and also my work. Encouraged by my wife I decided to try Laser66. I was amazed at the effect the laser had on me. Almost immediately I felt more relaxed than I had felt in a long time. The program Laser66 taught me has empowered me to quit and stay quit. Thanks Laser66, I don’t think I could have done this without you.


My husband and I had a serious drug and alcohol problem. It was causing all kinds of serious problems in our marriage and in our family. Let’s just say that it got so bad there were legal issues. We both knew that we had to turn our life around. We had heard that Laser66 offered a drug/alcohol program. What attracted us to it the most was the fact that we did not have to enter a rehab/dry out facility. We both agreed we would try it. The effect the laser had was amazing. Our cravings for drugs and alcohol decreased significantly and with the psychological part of the program we were able to resist what few minor cravings we did have. Im not saying it was a piece of cake to quit, but I am saying it was much easier to quit our habits with Laser66 than we ever thought it would be. Its been over 18 months of sobriety. Our life is full and happy. I’m very grateful we tried Laser66! I recommend Laser66 to anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction.


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